A living room featuring a truly fantastic space

After much searching, we found our dream house, with a living room featuring a truly fantastic view. But then came the question of how to enhance our eye-catching living room. We of course had a lot of ideas about what we found nice and what we didn’t, but I started fearing that combining the wishes of the different family members into something cohesive that made sense could become truly challenging. 

Emmy was recommended by a friend of mine who’d just gone through the same process. She listened to all our wishes and constraints and really took us by the hand. What I also appreciated was that she wasn’t reluctant to work with a budget that had to be limited due to the many other expenses we had had to cover in this move. 

Her thinking process involved finding a color palette as a red thread. And then she worked creatively to create a harmonious whole, trying to reuse existing pieces, combining branded items with cheaper ones to create a result that truly made sense. Our living room has now become the nice relaxing area we always dreamt of. And Emmy additionally solved a couple of other challenges we faced in our new house. Check!


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